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February 24th, 2012

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Ok, I created a new lj account that I plan to use for fandom activities. I still do not know what I will do with this one, possibly close it or maybe change it a bit. I need a fresh start, I think. Well, anyway, feel free to friend me at http://sherryvernet.livejournal.com/

September 2nd, 2010

Real life REALLY Royally SUCKS

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Back from London...
Ok, I'm working too much -or I should be doing so.
I have a big -too big and too important- conference in a couple of weeks, and I still have to finish (read: start) my paper...
And I should be in Paris by the beginning of october and I still haven't found a place to stay -read: I haven't started searching, yet...
Indolence? Indeed.
By the way, among this scaring amount of things to do, now I'm working again on "Alchemy of soul": it should be updated soon -or, well, as soon as possible, considering it's me....

October 17th, 2009


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I'm back... I haven't been writing or updating this journal for a very long time. Now this will change - or so I do hope.
My greetings to everyone who still reads this. And sorry for the delay.

May 18th, 2008

Ficlet: Knowing you

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Title: Knowing you
Pairing: Albus/Gellert
Warnings: un-betaed
Words: 447
Rating: Pg-13

January 3rd, 2008

Coelum mutat non animum

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Well, I’m bored… It’s midnight, my parents are still playing cards with the neighbours (and I had to have a chat with their son’s American fiancée); I should study –yes, I’m again in my Hermione-ish mood- but I don’t feel like it : Nietzsche isn't the most indicated thing right now...


Another year passed, too many things changed—I’m still adjusting, I think.


I could fight depression writing drabbles… so, feel free to leave me a prompt and pick a hp pairing and I’ll be very very grateful.


I wish you a happy new year.

December 16th, 2007

Meditation of the day – studying

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We keep searching over and over because we still firmly believe that there’s Truth, somewhere.

December 15th, 2007

The season, Part I

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Recipient  : just_heidi

Title: The Season

Author: draco_a_malfoy

Rating: Pg-13

Characters: Severus/Draco, Lucius/Narcissa

Word Count: ~ 6300

Warnings: none

Disclaimer: I do not own anything


Summary: The Malfoys invite Severus for the hunt. DH spoilers – sort of

Notes: Written for just_heidi. Thanks to tealturtlequeen for beta-reading, and to nishizono for organizing snaco_exchange.

Part I )

The Season, Part II Pg-13

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Part II )

November 17th, 2007

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I’m studying, but not enough, and I’ve not my heart in it. *sighs*

I saw Stage beauty last night and it’s… oh, my god! I fell in love with that man, even if he is quite gay…. I’m a desperate case.

I’ll be back –one day, maybe

November 15th, 2007

Drabble: Lines in stone, Pg

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Title: Lines in stone
Author: draco_a_malfoy
Pairing: Albus/Gellert
Word count: 100
Rating: Pg
Warnings: Unbeta-ed.



October 27th, 2007

Random notes of ordinary madness

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About two (or three?) weeks ago, I dyed my hair black. Yes, really black black! And, since I'm far too pale skinned to be Italian and an euphemistically aristocratic nose resulting from generations of endogamy, you can imagine the result. And I like myself, which is weird. Had I been male, I would have done awful oh, really really awful things to myself… *giggles about her snape-ish looks*


I’m spending too much time studying and yet I feel that it isn’t enough – it’s utterly frustrating! Argh!


I got to like very much playing at endofdeath, I’m doing it a lot lately (at last proportionately to the time I can spend online… ), with too predictable snaco developments, maybe, but nobody is perfect.. And we are looking for players… and yes, this is a pimp!


PS I developed an obsession with Lucius Sergius Catilina… God, I LOVE that man!

October 20th, 2007

OMG!It's canon now!

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It’s never too late. Jk did it at last, after having deluded - and hurt- us all, in a way or the other, now she gives us a too sweet candy… and I like it!

So, now my main problem is this: I have to undrestand if Albus’ love for Gellert was unrequited or not!


And I’ve to pimp </a></strong></a>[info]secretsandlies, because it’s canon now! God, I can’t believe it! Am I still sleeping?

October 11th, 2007


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Nihil sub sole novi


I’m bored – I should study but I’m not in the mood, I should write, but I’ll need an extension anyway, and I should ask for it… Melancholy.


I need some Snaco fics, some good Snaco fics… can anyone suggest me anything?


P.S. I’m terribly behind with my f-list, I profusely apologise to everyone for that!

October 5th, 2007

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My brain refuses to follow me into another night of mad and desperate study, so … another meme.

Ps Edited, because I am not even able to read titles right...

October 4th, 2007

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Goliardic practises and classes are monopolizing my time…and freshmen  (and women) already think that I am the cruel vicious one – who knows how!

By the way, I’m still alive – for now, I suppose.

Fandom news?

September 22nd, 2007

Friend Meme

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Ok, maybe I’m just tired, maybe it’s because it’ half past one in the morning and my brain refuses to collaborate… but I’m positively sure that I posted this 25 minutes ago, at least… so… argh!


I took this from avialle – thank you darling!

September 20th, 2007

Drabble: The last summer night, Pg-13

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Title: The last Summer night
Author: draco_a_malfoy
Pairing: Albus/Gellert
Word count: 100
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: Unbeta-ed. My first drabble fic... well, one has to start...
Summary:  "Das Mayes Erwachen ist nur/Schöner noch, wie die Sommernacht..."

September 14th, 2007

Bloody hell

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Ok, I’m officially worn out… I spent the whole day fighting against IJ to send my application to that role-play and I still do not understand how it works, I keep forgetting things, it’s like one of those nightmares in which you do something over and over again and yet you can’t manage it right.


I wanted to write about the Mahler Academy concert d_herblay and I went to ,yesterday evening; or about the little imperial Chinese  toy soldier he gave me as a gift in the morning. I’m tired and depressed.

I’ll work on Wittgenstein for a page or two and then end this terrible day. *sighs*

September 13th, 2007

Alternity, a HP RPG

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Ok, I’m spending my afternoon trying to force </a></strong></a>[info]d_herblay into this..

And obviously I’m pimping! Go!Go! Look look! Fill out the application! Play!

September 10th, 2007

Fic: Alchemy of soul- Prologue: Requiem

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Title: Alchemy of soul – Prologue: Requiem (0/?)
Author: draco_a_malfoy
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy 
Warnings: DH spoilers
Summary: Severus’ funeral. 
Words:  about 1900
A/N: thanks to tealturtlequeen, and smilencheer for beta-reading. I do not own Harry Potter. 

I would like to dedicate this chapter to avialle, because she is a big snaco fan, a great artist and the first person in fandom who was very kind to me. I promised her a little present for the </a></strong></a>[info]partisan_green exchange, because she won’t be participating but I feel she deserves a snaco dedication. ;) I do not know if I can manage something else for December because of real life issues, so for now this is… To </a></strong></a>[info]avialle.

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